why is my dad such a piece of shit

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summer vibes by 5secondsofmia


Banga! Banga! - Austin Mahone // Keep The Change You Filthy Animal - All Time Low // Saturday - Rebecca Black // Wishing I Was 23 - R5 // Miss Jackson - Panic! At the Disco ft. LOLO // Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) - The Ready Set // What I Like About You - 5 Seconds of Summer // I’m Ready - AJR // I Choose U - TimeFlies // My Couch - Jake Miller // Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone // Pretty Brown Eyes - Cody Simpson // Stella - All Time Low // Recklessly // Hot Chelle Rae // Dreaming - Smallpools



in the hallway today there was a hispanic girl making white people jokes and these two white guys actually fucking said “that’s racist. what if we were saying stuff like that about mexican people?”

and she just gave them this dry look and said “i’m puerto rican.”

“A chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy.”

zayn makes a funny face, toronto +

Zayn introducing himself